By the age of twelve Mr. Smith’s was working as a freelance photographer for local newspapers, shooting social events and conflagrations. He received his undergraduate education at the Art Institute of Chicago. While at the Institute he developed an interest in film and the archaic photographic techniques of the 19th century (some of which still haunt him today).  Mr. Smith pursued these and other interests to the University of Arizona at Tucson. There he studied master prints and negatives in the collection of the Center for Creative Photography. Working with the celebrated Colossal Pictures in San Francisco as camera operator and creative on staff for the next several years, Don Matthew’s interests varied and led him to work with Directors like Francis Ford Coppola, had his photographic art books collected by the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Los Angeles as well as published two iPhone Applications that are photographic in nature.  Don Matthew has been shooting and creating national spots for clients like Bud Light, Lexus, Nike, MTV, Disney and Honda to name but a few.



Haiku Tunnel/Independent/Josh Kornbluth & Jake Kornbluth/Sundance, Sony Classics

Bram Stoker’s Dracula/Columbia - American Zoetrope/Francis Ford Coppola

Visual Effects (Title & Prologue Sequence)/American Zoetrope/Francis Ford Coppola

Jack (Title Sequence) / American Zoetrope / Francis Ford Coppola



Jim Barton, Simon Blake, Scott Burns, Marc Chiat, Mark Dippe, Chris Hooper, Mo Husseini, Erich Joiner, Richard Kizu-Blair, Chris Koch, Mark Kohr, Rob Lopes, Patricia Murphy, Hans Nelleman, Rick Shulze, Randy Spears, Drew Takahashi, Mitch Teller, Ron Walters, Marty Weiss, Chel White, Steve "Spaz" Williams, Chris Yurkow...



Linda Perry/"Fill Me Up"/Jordon Winter/Interscope/Johns & Gorman

Primus/"Winona Big Brown Beaver"/Les Claypool/Interscope

The Muffs/ "Sad Tomorrow"/Mark Kohr/Warner Bros./Records

Shonen Knife/"Matty Side"/Commotion Pics.

Guided By Voices/"Hunting Knife"/Banks Tarver/Matador Records



Photographic collections: offset books and photographs have been shown and/or collected by the following institutions: The Museum of Modern Art, New York. The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Franklin Furnace Archive, New York.

The School of the Art Institute, Chicago. San Francisco Camera Work Gallery, San Francisco. The Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.